What is Eyes of Plato?

Beauty as the highest form of truth! The earth as our Church. Cathedrals as our therapy. Love of God as love of self. Like the Renaissance of old! The tribal self made new! The unclothed human body as our natural state. Clothes as either expressions of artistry, forms of function or needless flesh prisons! Simplicity is key but so is complexity. Devotion as our chosen service to the giver of all good things. Love is our worship! Love is our weapon in the war for the soul! Aesthetics is our armor in the battle for the mind. Poetry as the power to warm hearts and broaden horizons. This project is a shot of whiskey and 20 pushups. This is a warm kiss from your lover and the kind of eye contact that makes you know telepathy is real. This is taking your shirt off and diving deep into cold crisp waters. This is blue lotus tea and smoke drifting in the air as the muse whispers to your soul! This is the end of thought crimes and the birth of a new generation of wild ones. My army is small but we are growing! This world belongs to the lovers.


Let’s take back what’s ours!


Eyes of Plato is a photo and poetry project by the globetrotting man of mystery known widely as (redacted).

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