Sometimes losing something is the key to finding everything you’ve always wanted.

A year ago, in what I understand to be a completely random and accidental turn of events, 4 years of photos, videos, memory cards, and hard drives, all sleeping safe and sound in my camera bag, disappeared somewhere between Broadway and Crosby street in Soho.

I traveled around the world and back with that camera, birthing visions and connections and always dreaming of the books and films I would make one day with all the treasures I kept in this little bag of wonders.

Crazy how something you worked so hard for can be gone in an instant. But what’s even more wild is the beauty you can birth from pain.

I’ve always loved photography as a mirror for beauty and a channel for making the unspoken something you can feel but not touch, something you can see, that doesn’t need to be explained.

In the complete disappearance of what I thought were the stories I wanted to tell, I had two choices; give up or evolve.

So I picked up a pack of disposable cameras and started shooting the world around me as a novice, as a beginner, as a completely fresh mind, almost like every moment was a summer day with friends where the littlest moments speak the loudest and the quietest moments have the most stories to tell.

After about 6 months of this I decided I wanted to make a book, to create a physical and digital offering that would give me the ability to create in the moment, and let those moments speak to whoever wants to listen.

This is that vision made manifest, This is Eyes of Plato. This is the beginning of a life long journey of photos and poetry. It’s my honor that you are here. Make yourself comfortable. You will find new photos and words here every week, with every few months birthing a book of thoughts, reflections, and moments captured and celebrated, whose meanings and muses will only be seen by those who want to hold them in their hands.

Welcome to Eyes of Plato.

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