EYES OF PLATO VOL. 1 is a photo and poetry book following the adventures of Plato as he writes his poems across the pacific ocean, from Rome to Hawaii, to Greece and Egypt, and beyond. Filled with photos of friends, candid moments with strangers, afternoons chasing waterfalls, mornings at temples in the desert, and days in the sun and stone, and stories told in far away cities. Shipping this summer, the uncut edition includes page after page of never seen before photos and dozens of unreleased poems.



*Eyes of Plato contains film photos of free spirit friends, men and women of vitality and vigor, naked and wild as the day they came. We believe the human body is a testament to the glory of creation and is worthy of being honored and celebrated. The thoughts and poems expressed in these volumes have been flagged by the WORLD FORUM FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF EQUALITY as THOUGHT CRIMES. Proceed with caution.


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